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More Information About Us

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

We’re, a recently launched website designed to review and compare all therapy services online. We harness our knowledge in tech and online products, and combine it with our connections and intimate knowledge of the virtual therapy industry, to provide our readers with the most accurate and up to date reviews and guides.

Our top priority is your safety and wellbeing. Our team of experts all used these online therapy sites themselves, and we are always 100% transparent in telling you which issues they can help with, and which ones they can’t. Our end goal is for online therapy to continue to grow and improve, and we aim to play a pivotal role in that process.

Core Values and Vision


We employ numerous experts in various fields, to make sure we can always provide the best, most in depth information to our audience. Our team is composed of medical staff, online product reviewers, quality content creators and community managers – all here to make sure we can give the best possible experience.

Although we have business relationships with some of the companies we present on this site, we never recommend a bad service or something we have never tried ourselves. In fact, as you can easily see by reading our reviews, in many cases they are quite negative and we recommend users to stay away from a product – we promise to always keep this a priority instead of focusing on quick monetary gain.

Even for our top recommended products, we make sure to highlight the negative parts as much as possible, and explain who can benefit from the service, and who wouldn’t. We use our deep industry knowledge not only to maximize our gains, but also provide you with best, inside info on the services you are inquiring about. That way, we allow our readers to make up their own, informed decision.

All content on this website is reviewed and approved by a practicing, licensed psychologist. We always prioritize giving correct, useful information over hyping up a service which might not be useful to your wellbeing, or can even potentially do more harm than good. 


As mentioned above, we always make sure everything we write is not only medically correct, but as honest as possible. In many of our online therapy reviews, we provide unique tips and advice that even our business partners don’t want you to know.

In everything we write here, our main priority is to always give you the best, fullest experience and make sure you get the full picture. We truly believe the services we do recommend stand on their and readers are encouraged to make their own opinion and decision about them. When the product is good enough, there is no need for overhyping it, the honest facts do the work on their own.


We truly believe building a strong reader base and a sense of community is instrumental to developing a successful website. This is especially true in a telehealth related field, where people have so much at stake and want to be sure they are making the correct choice.

On this site, we always make sure to pay a great deal of attention to what our readers feel and have to say. We constantly adjust our reviews based on that feedback, and encourage you to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns.

Our Business Model

As mentioned above, is affiliated with most of the companies reviewed on it. This means we get a fee for any client we refer  and end up signing up and using the service. This is an extremely common practice in the healthcare industry, although not all companies who do it are as transparent about how it actually works.

That said, we do understand the concern this might raise with some of our readers. Afterall, if we get compensated by these companies, how can we remain unbiased in our reviews? Well, fact of the matter is, since we can easily get a deal with any of them, we have no real business incentive to prioritize one over the other.

Our only incentive is to make sure we build an honest, healthy and sustainable business model. To do that, we focus on the services our readers like the most, and those we feel can actually be helpful and provide extra value. Using this approach also allows us to keep this website 100% free without any ads, pop-ups or anything else which might disturb your reading experience.

You can read our disclaimer page for all information on our business model.

What makes us Special?

Aside from everything mentioned above, we strongly believe our biggest asset is bringing a fresh, new and professional voice to the online therapy scene. The industry is growing at such a rapid pace in the last few years, and is constantly evolving and changing. It can be hard for newcomers to tell true from false, sift through the hype, and make the best choice when it comes to which online therapy site to use.

We use our strong understanding and deep connections in the industry to stay on top of everything, and make sure you always get the real facts. Our site is updated on a daily basis, including existing content, to reflect the rapid changes the industry is going through.

Contacting Us

Like we already said, we are always excited to hear back from our readers. We want to help you out as much as we can, and make sure you get the appropriate treatment and support you deserve. Not only that, reading your feedback helps us tremendously in improving our website and the information presented in it.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat – feel free to contact us at any time! We promise to do our best to reply quickly and give you any help you might need.