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Best Online Therapy For Children And Teens

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

The modern age presents unparalleled challenges to young adults. With social media and information overflow, even emotionally mature adults struggle to maintain their wellbeing and perception of reality, let alone kids and teenagers who are still in their formative years.

Studies conducted by the CDC suggest a third of all American highschoolers deal with depression or other mental health issues. There are also countless studies discussing the negative impact social media can have on a child’s wellbeing. Luckily, technology also offers us a solution – in the form of online therapy platforms, counseling programs and wellbeing apps – all specifically designed for children, adolescents or teenagers.

This article will help you find the best online therapy sites for kids of all ages. We’ll also help you figure out whether online therapy is even the right choice for your child, and if so, which approach can yield the best results.

Top 5 Teen Therapy Platforms 2024

Overall Best Site For Teens
Teen Counseling Review
Editorial Rating

$60- $80 Per Week


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  • Safe to use, operated by Betterhelp
  • Therapists are always available on chat and reply often
  • Support for both teens and parents
  • Best prices for teen focused therapy
  • No free trial
  • Doesn’t accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid
Best with insurance
talkspace review
Editorial Rating

$69 - $109 Per Week


$80 discount on the first month

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  • Guaranteed response time 5 days a week
  • Affordable price and insurance accepted
  • Excellent customer service
  • One week free trial
  • Getting matched with a therapist can take a few days
  • No live sessions included in the basic plan
Best For Kids Under 13
Amwell review
Editorial Rating

$99 - $119 Per Meeting


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  • Works with many insurance companies
  • Can combine therapy with psychiatric treatment
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great quality of Therapists
  • Only live sessions - no chats or text messaging
  • Not as many therapists to choose from
Best For Free Counseling
7 Cups Review
Editorial Rating

$0- $150 Per Month


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  • Non professional volunteers available 24/7
  • Safe to use with great regard to your privacy
  • Signing up is easy
  • Cheapest way to get support online
  • Quality of volunteers vary greatly
  • No option for live sessions, even with the paid version
Best Psychiatric Care
MDLive Review
Editorial Rating

$108 Per Meeting


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  • One of the best sites for psychiatric treatment
  • Can book sessions on demand with a lot of flexibility
  • Great software and the best mobile app in the online therapy industry
  • Works with the most insurance providers
  • Live sessions only without chats or text messaging
  • Very few therapists to choose from

Teen Counseling - The Best Therapy Site For Teenagers

TeenCounselling is currently the only U.S site entirely dedicated to helping teenagers deal with mental health problems. The site is owned by Betterhelp, our #1 pick for the overall best therapy platform, which is clearly a strong indication of the quality of service you can expect at their sister site.   

The biggest appeal to using Teen Counseling is of course their focus. Unlike the other platforms, here you won’t have to sift through hundreds of therapist profiles to find one who specializes in working with kids. On top of that, the unique feature which enables you to sign up as a parent and invite your child onto the platform also means you are more involved, and can keep in direct touch with the counselor you choose for your kid.

TeenCounseling services teens at the ages of 13 to 19 only. If your kid is younger than that, read further down this page for good alternatives. Therapy is done through video, voice or text and costs between $60 and $80 a week. Even though the site doesn’t accept insurance, they do have very generous financial aid programs you can apply to. 

For more details, read our TeenCounseling Review, or visit their site by clicking the button below.

Talkspace - Best Teen Therapy With Insurance

Talkspace is one of the largest and most well reviewed therapy platforms in the world. In fact, it comes 2nd in our overall ratings, losing out to Betterhelp by the slightest of edges (read our Talkspace vs Betterhelp article to see why). That said, when it comes to teen therapy in particular, Talkspace does have a few very distinct advantages over most sites.

Talkspace’s basic package comes at an extremely competitive price of $69 per week. While this package does not include live video sessions, it does include unlimited text messaging with guaranteed response times from the therapist. For teens these days, constant texting and chatting might actually feel more comfortable and safe than a “formal” meeting once a week.

Nevertheless, Talkspace also offers live sessions as part of their more advanced packages. All packages are covered by insurance as well. It’s worth noting they only provides teen therapy for children aged between 13 and 17.

Another major feature is their introductory meeting which takes place as soon as you sign up to the platform. This is Talkspace’s way of helping you find a suitable match as quickly as possible – you’ll chat with a licensed therapist who’ll serve as your “guide” to the site and suggest the most suitable candidates for you to choose from.

For more details, read our Talkspace review, or visit their site by clicking the button below

Amwell - Best Therapy Option For Kids Under 13

Amwell is the largest telehealth provider in the U.S and has a very well developed therapy section as part of their services. Amwell’s therapists accept kids as young as 10 years old, making it the ideal place to get help for children under the age of 13.

Unlike the two teen therapy platforms presented above it, Amwell does not offer a subscription based module. Here, treatment resembles the old school approach to therapy – where you book appointments whenever you feel the need to, and pay for each separately ($99 for a counselor or $119 for a child’s psychologist).

Amwell works with the most insurance companies, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Eligibility depends on which state you reside in and the insurance provider you wish to use. There’s also the option to combine therapy sessions for your kid with psychiatric treatment and medical prescriptions. Since teen counseling is not usually covered, we suggest contacting your provider or reading our guide for online therapy with insurance first.

For more details, read our Amwell review or visit their site by clicking the button below. 

7Cups - Most Affordable Teen Therapy

7Cups is one of the oldest therapy sites around – established all the way back in 2013. The fact it has managed to keep a stainless reputation all this time is clear evidence of the quality of service and value the site provides.

The platform is based upon trained volunteers who provide free counseling and mental health support. Users can remain completely anonymous and all interaction is done only by chat. There are also free support groups and group sessions which are supervised by a trained volunteer or a licensed therapist.  

While not as effective as meeting a licensed professional, 7Cups can be a great place to start if you or your child aren’t sure if online counseling is even the right approach. This platform provides a sense of community and solidarity and presents a much healthier substitute to other social media platforms your kid likely uses.

For more details, read our 7Cups review or visit their site by clicking the button below.

MDLive - Best For Psychiatric Care

MDLive is yet another large telehealth platform which operates in a very similar fashion to how Amwell does. While we do believe Amwell is the superior platform, MDLive is better when it comes to psychiatric treatments for children, especially if medication is included.

The reason for that is quite simple – the price here is lower, and the level of therapists is just as good. So if you are specifically looking for that kind of treatment for your child, there’s no reason to not try MDLive first.

Same as Amwell, MDLive asks you to book separate appointments instead of subscribing to a plan. Meeting a psychiatrist who specializes in helping kids would cost $108 per session. MDLive works with many insurance companies and accepts Medicare and Medicaid as well. 

For more details, read our MDLive review or visit their site by clicking the button below.

Is Teen Therapy Online Even Effective?

It’s perfectly reasonable to be doubtful of a new type of service that suddenly emerges, especially when it comes to the mental health and wellbeing of those you love most. That said, if you feel comfortable with the idea of therapy in general, then there’s absolutely no reason why you should at least consider taking it online instead. 

All therapists on the sites we recommend are fully licensed and highly skilled. They all specialize with dealing with children, adolescents and teens, as well as interacting and communicating with parents and other family members and making sure they are always a part of the process as well. In fact, the child psychologists and therapists you’ll find online are in no way different than the ones you’ll see at your local clinic.

Multiple studies have shown virtual therapy for children can be just as effective as in person sessions. This is particularly true for kids these days, who are used to doing everything in front of the computer or mobile screen and feel much more comfortable and safer that way. This form of therapy also allows parents to be more involved, without taking too much of their time. And of course, a huge upside is the ability to remain completely anonymous while using these sites.

With all that in mind, there are 2 clear cases where we feel online therapy for teens is not the right choice. First and most importantly – online therapy is not suitable for dealing with severe mental health issues or life threatening situations, no matter what the patient’s age is. If your child is at risk, please call an emergency hotline or take them to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Another thing we do not recommend is going to an online therapy site to deal with serious issues such as trauma or mental illness before being at least properly diagnosed first in a face to face meeting . As we mentioned above, there’s a tendency to overdiagnose, especially when it comes to children. Online therapy sites for teenagers can be a great place to get help, but it’s better to go there once you already know what the problem you’re dealing with is.

Virtual Therapy For Kids - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best therapy sites for children?

For teens aged 13 or above, the best place to get help is TeenCounseling. If your child is older than 10 but not yet 13, try Amwell instead. Children younger than 10 would benefit more from live sessions with a trained child psychologist.

What issues does teen therapy deal with best?

The most effective online treatment technique is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) which is designed to yield quick results through changing thought patterns. CBT has been found most useful for treating anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD, OCD and eating or sleeping disorders.

Can minors sign up for therapy on their own?

In most states, parental consent is required for any person under the age of 18 to begin therapy. The parent will need to send a consent letter or video before therapy can start.

Can parents participate in sessions?

Most platforms allow parents to be involved to some extent, but sessions are private and are held between the kid and their therapist alone. This is crucial for the success of the treatment - the child must be able to trust their counselor and feel safe. Of course, the therapist will speak to the parents before the treatment even begins, to gather some background information and define goals and expectations together. Most platforms also allow parents to text and chat with the therapist directly so that they can get periodical updates. If you are a parent and wish to take part in your child’s therapy sessions, you should look into family counseling instead.

Final Thoughts

We all know that dealing with angst is somewhat an inseparable part of being a teenager. As a parent, even though we always want what’s best for our child, it’s hard to tell where the line between teenage drama and real suffering truly lies. That said, with child depression and suicide on the rise, it’s more important than ever to keep a watchful eye and make sure your kid is safe.

The first thing to keep in mind is that dealing with mental health problems is normal at any age. It is by no means your fault and doesn’t mean you’ve been bad parents. However, it is also not your child’s fault and there’s absolutely no reason why they should be left dealing with this on their own.

We hope this guide will help set you on the path to finding online therapy treatment for your kid. All of the teen therapy platforms we review are extremely safe and professional, and we are certain you will be able to find the help you seek there. With a bit of encouragement and support from your end, there’s