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Breakthrough Therapy Review

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

These days mental health is widely recognized as being equally as important as general health; indeed, as our understanding increases we see that the two are actually very closely entwined. However, good and effective treatment is still not always easily available or readily affordable.  As such, more and more people are turning to online therapy to access affordable mental health and Breakthrough was one such online therapy provider.

Breakthrough was actually purchased by the tele-medicine giant MDLive in 2021 and has now been fully absorbed by the parent company. As such, the Breakthrough platform no longer exists in any form. The website now re-direct to the MDLive home page and existing customers were transferred onto the MD platform.

This breakthrough review is technically a review of MDLive’s therapy services. Over the course of this detailed review we will also look to compare the new platform with how the old one used to be, and determine what are the the best alternatives for people who are looking for a similar service to what Breakthrough used to offer.

Breakthrough Rating Breakdown 2023

Overall Rating

Overall Rating - 3.5 Stars

Breakthrough was a dedicated online therapy provider, and MDLive is not and it does show. Some users have commented that since being absorbed into MDLive the overall standards declined. However, as part of a telehealth giant MDLive can access and prescribe medication via its roster of Psychiatrists where many other platforms cannot.


Price - 4 Stars

Now that its part MDLive, Breakthrough does not offer subscription plans like most teletherapy providers do. At $108 per meeting, this means that Breakthrough generally can work out a lot more expensive than most other providers for patients who want weekly sessions. However, MDLive does accept most insurance providers and their “pay as you go” model may benefit those who don't want regular therapy.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options - 3 Stars

MDLive is a general telehealth site that does not specialize in therapy and counselling and as such, they only have around 50+ therapists available on the site. Still, amongst them the therapists are able to treat most common mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and addiction.

App and Software

App and Software - 5 Stars

As you may expect from a big company like MDLive, their software and interfaces are very good. In fact their mobile app is the best in the telehealth industry. Signing up and getting started on the platform is quick and easy for both desktop and mobile.

Customer Service

Customer Service - 4.5 Stars

Customer service is often a mixed bag in the teletherapy sector but MDLive does it very well. Their clients highly rate the service standards and in compiling this review we had no issues in getting in touch with them. Unlike most online therapy sites, MDLive’s support function is available by both email and phone.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy - 4 Stars

In terms of privacy, client confidentiality is a big part of MDLIVE’s Code of Ethics and they claim to take privacy extremely seriously. The firm so fully HIPAA Compliant and MDLive are also bound by the federal privacy rules and regulations of the various states in which they operate.

Should I use Breakthrough Therapy?

Best Breakthrough Alternatives

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Is Breakthrough Therapy Legit? The Company Behind

Yes. Both the predecessor company Breakthrough and MDLive are compleeley legit. All of the therapists are fully qualified and licensed in state and, according to the MDLive website, the service providers have on average 15 or more years of experience.

They also have one of the industry’s highest provider ratings and are fully HIPPA compliant.

MDLive is not just an online therapy provider but is rather a tele-health company who provide online Doctors appointments and remotely prescribe medication for a whole range of health conditions. As such they are very tightly regulated.

Breakthrough in Numbers For 2023

Year Founded2009
U.S Based CompanyYes
Number of Licensed Therapists50
Accepts Insurance?Yes
Hipaa compliantYes
Therapy Modes

 Video and Telephone Live Sessions

Available TreatmentsPsychiatric Treatment, Medication Prescription And Talk Therapy
Average Price$108 Per Meeting
Sign Up Time5 Minutes
Response TimeUsually a Few Days
Mobile AppYes
Customer Reviews82% Positive
Our Editorial Rating3.5 Stars
Current PromotionNone

How Breakthrough Therapy Works

New users of MDLive must firstly complete the signup process (name and contact details)  via the website or app before completing a short questionnaire that is used to assess your mental health needs and match you with a shortlist of possible therapists. Once this has been done, users can browse the profiles of suitable therapists. Users can massage therapists for some additional information before committing to work with them and book an appointment.

Once a suitable therapist has been identified, an appointment is booked for a fist session. All sessions are conducted via video call (or telephone call) and sessions can be booked on an adhoc basis so there is never an established schedule.

The format of a therapy session will largely depend on the condition being treated and the individual therapist’s style. Some of the therapists on the platform are counselors whereas others are fully qualified psychotherapists. Common techniques used in MDLives’ therapy sessions are psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other coping and de-escalation strategies.

Patients undergoing psychiatry via MDLive may also be issued with a prescription or a medication plan.

This is by far the biggest change Breakthrough underwent once it has been purchased by MDLive. If you prefer a more rigid schedule, with a monthly subscription plan – then read check all of our online therapy reviews or this BetterHelp review.

Breakthrough Therapy Price

The price per session is $108 for a therapist and $284 for a psychiatrist. As most users typically want one session per week, this can work out more expensive than other online therapy sites although previously, Breakthrough therapy sessions could cost as much s $400. This also means that there is no text chat support function available and patients will have to wait until their weekly session to talk to somebody.

However MDLive does accept most insurance which is quite unusual in online therapy; as such, many users may not actually have to pay that much themselves. That said, if you prioritize a therapy provider who accepts insurance, then Amwell is a much better choice overall.

This is another area where Breakthrough’s offer suffered a lot by the acquisition. It used to be one of best priced therapy providers and now it has shifted into a pay per meet scheme instead. If getting the best value for money is your top priority, check our comparison of the best affordable therapy sites or read our Rethink My Therapy review.

Treatments Types

MDLive claim to treat all manner of conditions but in regards to mental health, they can treat the following;