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Couples Therapy Inc. Review

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

With over 30 therapists trained in the Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Couples Therapy Inc. offers an innovative approach to online couples counseling. Using their expertise in those two objective-driven methods for relationship therapy, Couples Therapy Inc. ensures that efforts and resources are dedicated to moving couples toward building strong and healthy relationships. 

Although Couples Therapy Inc. mainly offers intensive marriage counseling, they also help unmarried couples with their premarital issues. They operate across 41 states (see below for a full list), with their services currently pending in Michigan. They also provide online couples counseling for gay and lesbian couples as well as neurodiverse couples.

This Couples Therapy Inc. review will aid you in your decision-making by comparing them to their main competitors wherein I will highlight the pros and cons of their services. I rigorously researched Couples Therapy Inc. and their numerous services, including their all-inclusive couples retreat.

Couples Therapy Inc. Rating Breakdown 2024

Overall Rating

Overall Rating - 3.5 Stars

The site provides a one-of-a-kind service tailored to their client’s specific needs. Their prices may be higher than competitors but their unique approach delivers exceptional results.


Price - 2 Stars

They offer premium couples counseling services with a focus on personalized attention and effective results. If you deem that you do not require such intensive therapy, there are certainly cheaper options.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options - 4.5 Stars

The Gottman method is widely considered to be very effective in treating couples, and there are only 450 certified therapists worldwide. On top of that, the all inclusive therapy resort is also a very unique product.

App and Software

App and Software - 2.5 Stars

The website is modern and very easy to navigate. I didn't have any issue during online sessions as well. However, Couples Therapy Inc. doesn't have a mobile app.

Customer Service

Customer Service - 4 Stars

Considering the fact this is a fairly small company, response times were quick and the replies were always on point.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy - 3.5 Stars

Couples Therapy Inc has been around since 2006 without any meaningful compliant or negative review to be found. That said, they are not HIPAA compliant and their privacy policy is somewhat vague.

Should I use Couples Therapy Inc?

Is Couples Therapy Inc. Legit? The Company Behind

Founded by Dr. Kathy McMahon, Couples Therapy Inc. highlights that their main goal is to provide effective support for couples. The team of online therapists is handpicked by McMahon herself whose experience with inefficient marriage counseling caused her to choose divorce ultimately. Thus, having undergone such tribulation, she made sure that the couples counseling Couples Therapy Inc. offers is results-driven. 

There are a handful of client testimonies that may be found on their website—mainly reviews directed to therapists who have more seniority like Dr. McMahon herself. Other than that, their privacy policy is not as elaborate compared to those found on other online couples therapy sites. They also do not state on their site whether they are HIPAA compliant or not. 

However, beyond these few but worth mentioning shortcomings, it is perfectly safe to reach out to Couples Therapy Inc. as well as transact with their therapists because, taking individual considerations, the counselors of the company are well-recognized and reputable. Couples Therapy Inc. currently only operate in the following states:

Couples Therapy Inc. in Numbers for 2024

Year Founded2006
U.S Based CompanyYes
Number of Licensed Therapists30
Accepts Insurance?No
HIPAA compliantNo
Therapy ModesVideo Conferencing
Available TreatmentsCouples Therapy, All Inclusive Retreat
Average Price$150 per Session, $3500 for Weekend Retreat
Sign Up Time10 Minutes or Less
Response TimeWithin 24 hours
Mobile AppNo
Customer Reviews78% positive
Our Editorial Rating3.5 Stars
Current PromotionNone

How Couples Therapy Inc. Therapy Works

Upon visiting the website, you can immediately navigate through the services they offer through their Services tab. Once you have chosen the service that best fits your needs, you will then be asked to fill up a form wherein you have to input your name, contact information, location, your purpose for reaching out, your capabilities to travel, and other relevant information you wish to share to Couples Therapy Inc.

If you are unsure of what help you should seek, there is a prompt on their homepage wherein you will be asked to take a short quiz. After finishing the quiz, they will recommend a free email course. It is completely up to you if you wish to enroll in the course but there is also the option to reject the offer and see your quiz results immediately. You will then be redirected to one of their pages best suited for you alone—they offer a “hopeful spouse” service which is online marriage counseling for one—or you and your partner.

After you have deduced that their suggested service would be beneficial, you may request a meeting and you will fill up the same form mentioned above.

Everything from this point on will be tailored specifically for your needs. You are not automatically matched to a therapist based on your quiz answers or the information you put on their form. You will be undergoing an extensive assessment which is usually done within 24 hours after you have filled up the initial form. 

Should you wish to read the profiles of Couples Therapy Inc.’s therapists, you may do so through their Our Team tab. Simply choose the applicable region or country and browse their comprehensive list of couples counselors. If you specifically choose a couples therapist whom you think will be able to provide the optimal support you are seeking, each therapist page has a book now button. You will be filling up the same intake form as stated above.

Couples Therapy Inc. offers a free first consultation for you to be able to test the waters with your selected counselor. Since the information you have provided their services team is the most essential part of the matching process, there is a high chance that you will proceed with the sessions with the first therapist you are matched with. However, choosing another therapist after your first match is possible.

Intensive couples retreats commence once Couples Therapy Inc.’s assessment tool called The BIG BIG Book has been accomplished. This assessment tool is very lengthy and you may need to allot several hours to finish it but, as Couples Therapy Inc. repeatedly accentuates, they believe that couples counseling should be comprehensive for it to be rewarding. Time, energy, and effort need to be spent for a relationship to be fruitful.

How to Sign up With Couples Therapy Inc.?

  • Go to the Couples Therapy Inc. website as this is the only way to reach them. Currently, Couples Therapy Inc. does not have a mobile app available.
  • You may choose to either take the quiz they provide on their homepage, go directly to the service page you wish to undergo, or browse their directory of counselors.
  • All the options stated above will lead you to the same intake form wherein you will be asked to provide the following information: name, contact information, location, chosen service, willingness to travel, and other information you wish to share.
  • A person from Couples Therapy Inc.’s client services team will reach out to you usually within 24 hours after answering the initial form. From here on, the discussion will center around choosing the most suitable relationship therapist for you.

Couples Therapy Inc. Price

The website of Couples Therapy Inc. does not explicitly provide a price for the services they offer. After research and consultation with previous clients, however, I was able to determine that their most availed service – which is their marriage counseling retreat – normally costs $3500 to $6500. 

As for their online couples therapy, each session that lasts for 80 minutes may cost around $250 to $300. Meanwhile, their 55-minute sessions cost $150 or more per session. These prices are dependent on the therapist you have chosen as they have varying consultation rates. Differences in consultation rates are based on the different techniques and tools that are incorporated in online couples counseling.

Couples Therapy Inc. is transparent about their costly services in such a way that they believe that only the most effective resources and methods will be used and implemented in the therapeutic process. For them, partners, especially those who are experiencing marital problems, should always invest in higher forms of therapy that their therapists provide. 

Couples Therapy Inc. Available Treatments

Couples Therapy Inc., as their name suggests, focuses on couples therapy. Some of their therapists are part of the pool of 450 certified Gottman therapists in the world. The Gottman Method is a science-based approach to couples therapy wherein its focus is on teaching couples practical skills to help them with communication and conflict management. 

Aside from Gottman marriage counseling, online counselors of Couples Therapy Inc. also incorporate another evidence-based relationship therapy called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT focuses on the importance of centering emotional connection to preserve a healthy relationship.

Besides these two objective approaches, the therapists of Couples Therapy Inc. also highlight their expertise in discernment counseling, neurodiverse couples counseling, sex therapy, and trauma & affair recovery among many others.

Available in almost all of the US states, Couples Therapy Inc. offers online services for these common relationship problems:

  • Stress caused by financial problems or family problems
  • Growing apart
  • Infidelity
  • Intimacy problems
  • Sexual differences
  • Traumatic life events
  • Power inequality
  • Communication problems
  • Boredom
  • Addiction

Given that they have a sizable amount of resources and therapists who are proficient in different therapeutic methods, Couples Therapy Inc. provides online couples therapy for almost any type of couple, taking into consideration their individual differences as well.

Couples Therapy Inc. vs. ReGain Comparison

So far I have provided you with information regarding Couples Therapy Inc., mainly about their reputation for delivering online therapy services. In this section of the review, I will compare Couples Therapy Inc. with ReGain, the relationship therapy platform which is part of BetterHelp counseling services. 

In terms of legitimacy, both are certainly legitimate sites to select online couples therapy services from. The Couples Inc. Therapy’s team is composed of counselors who not only do clinical practice but also have a presence in the educational and professional sectors. Meanwhile, ReGain, as mentioned, is part of BetterHelp telehealth services which is owned by Teladoc.

When it comes to safety since ReGain allows you to be anonymous throughout the therapeutic process, they are better at maintaining confidentiality as compared to Couples Therapy Inc. because right at the very start (their intake form) you are asked to provide your name and your location for them to help you match with a therapist. 

The price disparity between Couples Therapy Inc. and ReGain is very evident. ReGain offers plans costing $80 per week and $260 per month. Meanwhile, should you wish to book a session with a therapist from Couples Therapy Inc. it will cost you $150 which is nearly double. Additionally, the online intensive couples therapy retreats Couples Therapy Inc. offers cost $3500 which is more than twice ReGain’s yearly subscription plan priced at $1820.

ReGain uses an algorithm to align you with a counselor meanwhile, with Couples Therapy Inc., they thoroughly assess both you and your partner (or you alone, if you opt for their “hopeful spouse” service) before matching you with a therapist. Also, you are given the chance to choose a different member of their group of experts after a free trial consultation. 

I have mentioned the “hopeful spouse” therapy plan from Couples Therapy Inc. which allows one-on-one consultations should you wish to not involve your partner in the therapy or if your partner is unwilling. In contrast, ReGain only offers an option wherein both you and your partner are obliged to undergo online relationship therapy – no 3-way live sessions as well, meaning, you and your partner should be together throughout the meetings with the therapist.

It is also worth reiterating that Couples Therapy Inc. does not have a mobile app nor have they mentioned any intention of creating one. Meanwhile, ReGain has a mobile app available for both Android and Apple users.

Taking all these things into consideration, Couples Therapy Inc. and ReGain definitely serve their own purposes when it comes to online relationship therapy. Couples Therapy Inc. promotes their services to couples who highly consider intensive marriage counseling while ReGain caters to couples who have lesser strains in their relationships.

Couples Therapy Inc. Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Couples Therapy Inc. the best online therapy site for couples?

In terms of premium quality couples therapy, Couples Therapy Inc. provides you not just the opportunity to choose the therapist best suited for you and your partner’s needs but also, provides you a detailed overview of your relationship through their extensive assessment. This makes the services they offer thoroughly tailored which makes their online relationship therapy viable in the long run.

Is Couples Therapy Inc. legit and safe to use?

Definitely. Their founder and her team of therapists are all certified and trained in their respective therapeutic approaches. Additionally, some of their therapists are not only practicing as counselors but also, they are educators in known universities and trainers of science-based therapy methods. Couples Therapy Inc. consists of people who are experts, therefore they adhere to the strict ethical standards of therapy.

Does Couples Therapy Inc. work with insurance?

No they do not. Much like most online counseling providers that offer online couples therapy, Couples Therapy Inc.'s cost cannot be covered by medical billing and insurance since most marital problems, specifically marital distress, do not have a diagnostic code.

How can I pay for Couples Therapy inc.?

Payments may be done using a debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

How long does it take to match with a therapist?

Although Couples Therapy Inc. provides you the freedom to match with your chosen therapist after deliberating, there are chances that after the free consultation, you may feel the need to consult a different counselor instead. The matching process may last within a few days which could span over a week or two.

Couples Therapy Inc. Review - Final Verdict

Couples Therapy Inc. is an online couples therapy site that provides intensive marriage counseling through couples weekend retreats. 

Their group of over 30 therapists provides services in 41 states. Their online relationship therapy options are LGBTQ+ inclusive, specifically for gay and lesbian couples, and they have counselors who are certified to provide assistance to neurodiverse couples as well.

Couples Therapy Inc’s services are expensive services but are their high-quality assessment tools, objective therapeutic approaches, and mostly because all of their therapists are considered experts in the field of relationship counseling.

However, their pricing of $150 per session is significantly more expensive than competitors. Besides that, their intake form and vague privacy policy lower their score on safety. Also, they do not have a mobile app lowering their score on convenience as well.

Overall, Couples Therapy Inc. offers evidence-based techniques to improve the communication and conflict management skills of couples requiring intensive and immediate assistance. 

If you deem that you are not after the high-yield results Couples Therapy Inc. could certainly provide once you invest, then you may read through our other online couples therapy reviews and decide which online couples counseling site may cater to your needs better.

Overall rating 73.0%

Updated April 10th, 2023
Overall Rating
Treatment Options
App and Software
Customer Service
Safety and Privacy

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