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Doctor On Demand Review

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

Doctor On Demand is one of the largest telehealth platforms in the U.S, and another one which doesn’t focus solely on therapy. Instead, here you combine treatment for mental health issues with seeing all kinds of physicians and treating any other health concerns you might have.

With regards to mental health specifically, the biggest advantage is you can meet with both a psychologist and a psychiatrist at the same time.

This Doctor On Demand Review will naturally focus on the mental health section of the platform. We’ll objectively describe everything we like or don’t about it, and then compare it to other similar services.

The most obvious comparison is with their main competitors – other telehealth platforms such as Amwell and MDLive, but we will also try and compare Doctor On Demand with other top online therapy sites.

Doctor On Demand Rating Breakdown 2023

Overall Rating

Overall Rating - 3 Stars

We had nothing but good experiences using the site, and user reviews we read everywhere were overwhelmingly positive as well. The software is great and the company is legit – we felt safe and comfortable the entire time. That said, even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Doctor On Demand, we struggle to find a compelling reason to prefer it over any of the alternatives.


Price - 2 Stars

Doctor On Demand doesn’t use the same subscription module other sites do. Instead, you schedule meetings with your therapists as you see fit and pay for each one immediately – very much like you would do with live therapy. While there’s nothing wrong with that approach (in fact, it might be more effective for many people), the prices are just too high. Paying $179 per session might be cheaper than live meetings with a psychologist – but it’s also 40% higher than Amwell.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options - 4 Stars

The quality of treatment is excellent, every counselor we interacted with was extremely professional and friendly. However, there’s a very limited number of therapists to choose from and that makes it much harder to find a good match. Another thing we don’t like is the fact sessions can only be done by video – there’s no option for phone consultations.

App and Software

App and Software - 4 Stars

The software is easy to use but has a few bugs. Their mobile app has an average rating of 4.9 stars on the Google app store. So weirdly enough, the app is better than the web version which is very uncommon. The only issue we ever encountered was with the live sessions – sometimes the video quality was quite poor and we experienced many interruptions.

Customer Service

Customer Service - 5 Stars

Customer service is great – they reply quickly and are very helpful. This was particularly pleasing whenever we had technical issues with the video sessions – they always made sure we were reimbursed and left us completely satisfied. Unlike many therapy sites, Doctor On Demand’s support team can also be reached by phone, and not just mail.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy - 5 Stars

Doctor On Demand is one of the biggest telehealth companies in America, and enjoys an excellent reputation. The company is HIPAA compliant and follows strict regulation to ensure your privacy and data are all kept safe.

Should I use Doctor On Demand?