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Olga Kyrychenko -'s Resident Psychologist.

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

Olga Kyrychenko (Ольга Кириченко) is our resident psychologist on BestOnlineTherapy. She helps us fact-check the information we provide. As an award-winning practicing Gestalt psychologist from 2005 with vast work experience which includes organizing the international Gestalt Conference and co-founding a pedagogical development program, as well as volunteer work at the Kharkiv hospital, she knows what she’s talking about.


Practicing psychologist, supervisor, trainer (2005-Currently)

private psychological practice; management of therapeutic groups; management of basic groups 1-2 degrees of Gestalt therapy training; participation in the organizing committee of the Kharkiv International Gestalt Conference; conducting supervision groups for practicing Gestalt therapists; co-founder of the psychological and pedagogical development space “RULET.”


Volunteer work in the Kharkiv hospital, crisis psychological assistance to wounded soldiers. Conducting lectures and practical classes in higher military educational institutions of Ukraine for cadets, course officers, and mobilized officers (2014-2016).


Appreciation from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Psychological Crisis Service of Ukraine – for participating in comprehensive practical classes on psychological first aid in higher military educational institutions of Ukraine for cadets, course officers, and mobilized officers. 2015.

Certificate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for participation in measures to provide psychological assistance to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  2015.


2017-2019      Rivne Institute of Higher Education “Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine”. Specialty “Psychology”, professional qualification “Master of Psychology.”

1989 – 1993    Kharkiv State Pedagogical Institute. Specialty – mathematics, qualification – teacher of mathematics, informatics, and computer technology.


Educational program of the 1st degree “Introduction to Gestalt therapy, Gestalt counseling”, 2002. MIGTP. Educational professional program of the 2nd degree of study “Gestalt therapy, Gestalt counseling”, 2003-2007. MIGTP Improvement in Gestalt therapy, 3rd degree (coaching-supervisor), 2008-2012. VSPPGP under the program of Moscow State University of Applied Sciences. Volunteer training programs: “Working with trauma and PTSD,” 2014. Ukrainian Association of Specialists in Overcoming the Consequences of Traumatic Events. “Acquaintance with modern techniques of physical trauma therapy,” 2015 “Techniques of physical therapy for stabilization in the aftermath of traumatization, 2016

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