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Founded all the way back in 2009, is one of the longest standing, most reputable therapy platforms online. Prioritizing quality over quantity, this site has managed to maintain an impeccable reputation and help tens of thousands of Americans find the help they need.

In this review we’ll try and show exactly why we like this platform, and how it differs from its main competitors – for better or worse. 

While we do feel is a great place to consider as your first stop for getting help online, it’s by no means perfect or suitable for anyone. We encourage you to read this review carefully and compare online therapy sites first, before making your choice. Rating Breakdown 2024

Overall Rating

Overall Rating - 4.5 Stars

As you’ll see throughout this review, there are many things excels at, where it is certainly an industry leader. Still, it has some clear weaknesses as well. This means that even though we like the site, it is by no means a perfect one size fits all solution.


Price - 5 Stars

The pricing of plans over at are very affordable when compared to their main competitors. Even without accepting insurance or offering financial aid programs, their basic plan cost only $39.99 a week – which is substantially cheaper than most other providers.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options - 3.5 Stars

This is where personal preferences will weigh in the most, since’s module is very different from the rest. While the platform has a low number of featured therapists to choose from – they are all great and have amazing credentials. Furthermore, counselors only offer CBT therapy – which is clearly not the best choice for everyone out there.

App and Software

App and Software - 5 Stars

Both the desktop version and the mobile app are fantastic. The software is modern and extremely easy to use. What really makes stand out though, is the amount of extra features and tools they provide you through their advanced dashboard.

Customer Service

Customer Service - 3.5 Stars

We had no problem reaching the support team whenever we had a question, technical issue or wanted to replace our therapist. That said, the only way to reach them is by mail, and it usually takes a whole day to get a response. Although customer support isn’t inherently bad, and they do make an effort to assist when you reach out to them, it does seem like this area isn’t taken seriously enough by the company.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy - 5 Stars is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the virtual counseling field. They are fully licensed, regulated and HIPAA compliant. Featured multiple times on mainstream media outlets such as The Today Show, and headed by famous TV psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo – this platform is as safe as it can be.

Should I use

Is Legit? is owned and operated by CRN Solutions AB – a privately owned company based in Sweden. Founder and current CEO Carl Nordstrom read many studies which suggest CBT is just as effective online as in person – and thus decided to create a platform dedicated solely to that specific treatment method.

Even though they are based in Europe, the company has an extremely strong U.S presence. Celebrity psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo (who has been featured 100s of times on TV) is in charge of their training and learning operations, and she also offers her counseling on the site. itself was reviewed and recommended on trusted media outlets such as CBS on numerous occasions. in Numbers For 2024

Year Founded2009
U.S Based CompanyMain office is in Europe, but it serves U.S clients and therapists are mostly American as well
Number of Licensed Therapists75
Accepts Insurance?No
HIPPA CompliantYes
Therapy ModesText, Audio and Video
Available TreatmentsCBT Only and No Teen or Couples Counseling
Average Price$39.99 – $80 Per Week
Sign Up Time2-3 Minutes
Response Time24/7
Mobile AppYes
Customer Reviews95% positive
Our Editorial Rating4.5 Stars
Current Promotion20% Off First Month

How Works has one of the quickest and most intuitive signup processes out there. It will literally take a minute or less for you to complete it. All they do is ask what issues you are dealing with, and what type of therapists you feel would suit you the most. Then you are prompted to provide a nickname, password and email address – and your registration is complete.

This allows you to remain completely anonymous while interacting with your chosen therapist. You don’t have to share any additional information with them aside from the nickname you have chosen while signing into the platform. When you complete the process, you’ll immediately be matched with an available counselor based on the information you just provided.

You’ll be able to view your potential match’s profile, as well as read reviews written by their past clients. If you are not unhappy with the match suggested to you, all you have to do is click the ‘change therapist’ link and you’ll be presented with a list of all available therapists on site. 

We really like the way they handle this and how easy it is to choose your own counselor and switch between any number of them – it is quite different than what other sites normally do, trying to hide this feature and making you have to contact support to make a switch or even just to be able to choose a therapist by yourself.

On the other hand, this is also where’s weakest point really comes to light. At some instances, our testing team was only able to see 10 available therapists to choose from. This is due to the overall low number of counselors working on the platform, as well as the system only displaying what they believe are good matches based on the answers you provided.

Once you find an appropriate therapist and are ready to begin, you will need to select a plan and subscribe to it. It’s worth mentioning there’s no time limit – you are free to browse the site and think for as long as you want before committing to anything. When you are ready to begin, you’ll get access to 24/7 live messaging with your therapist 5 days a week, a weekly live session, and a bunch of extra tools and features available on the site. Features and Advanced Dashboard

One of the things which really sets apart from their competitors is the wealth of resources they provide their users. These are all free to use as long as you subscribe to any of their plans. The advanced dashboard gives you access to the following:

  • Detailed sections that provide tools to help you identify and fix some issues you are dealing with – available as video (guided by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD), audio and/or text. These are great self-help tools, and you’ll be able to go through them while getting support and assistance from your dedicated therapist.
  • Each section also has worksheets. These are assignments you’ll be encouraged to complete while reading a section. You’ll answer questions and get immediate, on point feedback from your therapist.
  • Journal and activity plan are additional useful tools that help you plan your day, reflect and monitor your progress, and share valuable information with your counselor.
  • also offers Yoga and meditation videos and are currently the only ones who do so. These are appropriate for all levels and can be a great boost to your online therapy process. Price is one of the most affordable therapy sites there is. They offer a flexible subscription module which allows you to select the most effective package for your needs. Both their basic and standard plans are the cheapest on the market.

Basic Plan

$ 39
Per Week
  • Online Therapy With Daily Replies
  • Access to All Sections, Worksheets & Videos
  • No Live Sessions Or Text Messaging

Standard Plan

$ 59
Per Week
  • Online Therapy With Daily Replies
  • Access to All Sections, Worksheets & Videos
  • 1 Live Session a Week + Text Messaging

Premium Plan

$ 79
Per Week
  • Online Therapy With Daily Replies
  • Access to All Sections, Worksheets & Videos
  • 2 Live Sessions a Week + Text Messaging

We realize the terminology used by the site can be confusing and you might not be entirely sure exactly what type of services you’ll enjoy with each package. If that’s the case, we encourage you to first read our available treatments section right below this one for a more detailed explanation. currently does not work with insurance providers, or offer any type of financial aid. You may contact their support team and they’ll try and help you with tips on how to contact your insurance company directly, as well as provide you with all necessary documents to do so. 

Please note that even though pricing is per week, billings occur on a monthly basis. The subscription is automatically renewed each month – so make sure you cancel it if you don’t plan to use their services any longer. Available Treatments

As mentioned already, therapists only offer CBT or similar behavioral based treatments. These are highly effective in dealing with specific problems you are facing, but less so if you are looking for a more holistic, long term treatment.

As such, the site’s services are tailored to accommodate the techniques used by its therapists. The basic plan gives you no access to direct messaging or live sessions – your counselor will only add daily notes based on the info you provide through your worksheets and journal. Subscribing to the standard plan adds in an option for direct text messaging, as well as a weekly session once a week.

All therapists are reviewed and approved by the Online-Therapy staff before they are able to offer their services on the platform. They are required to present credentials which include a Masters degree or PhD in relevant fields, state board’s certificate and at least 2000 hours and 3 years of clinical experience. counselors offer help dealing with the following problems:

There are no psychiatric treatments available and therapists can not prescribe any medication. Online-Therapy’s website says group and couples therapy is soon to be added – but as of now only private sessions are available. 

What Our Readers Have To Say About

I use this site because it's the cheapest if you need therapy twice a week.
I didn't like feeling i'm the one doing all the work. Therapists don't really engage you too much.
Ben Gibbs
It's ok, but i think there are better sites out there. The only good thing is the price.
Anonymous Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the best online therapy site?

If you are looking for CBT therapy and willing to do a lot of the work yourself, then might very well be the best choice for you. The prices are very competitive and the therapist level is outstanding. Still, 30 minutes for live sessions is too short, and the platform has less than a 100 available counselors in total - which means it’s much harder to find a perfect match. We still feel like Betterhelp and Talkspace are the overall better picks.

Is legit and safe to use?

Yes, no doubt about that. The company has been around since 2009 and received a lot of media attention, with reviews always being very positive. All communication is secure and you don’t have to share any personal information with your therapist or anyone else.

Does take insurance?

Currently They do not. You will have to deal directly with your provider. That said, the price is very competitive even without insurance. You can read our article about online therapy with insurance first, to see if there are some alternatives you like better.

How can I pay for services?

Payments are made by credit card or Paypal.

How long does it take to match with a therapist?

Immediately - the system will match you with one as soon as you finish the signup process. If you wish to choose your own, it might take a day or 2 to get confirmation. Review - Final Verdict offers an excellent solution for people who are looking for a very focused treatment online. Even though the site doesn’t have as many licensed therapists on offer, and they all specialize strictly in CBT, they are excellent at what they do. 

The pricing is very competitive, the software is excellent, and the company is legit and trustworthy.

Overall, our experiences with using the platform have been excellent, as is reflected by this positive review and the high general score we gave it. Still, at the end of the day we feel the site is an ideal choice for a fairly limited audience. 

If you have had positive prior experience with CBT, and you prefer a less hands-on approach from your therapist, then is a great place to look into. 

Otherwise, you might consider trying out one of the larger companies, such as Betterhelp or Talkspace, where a wider selection of treatments and therapists makes it easier to find the best solution for your exact problem. Logo

Overall rating 92.8%

Updated March 27th, 2024
Overall Rating
Treatment Options
App and Software
Customer Service
Safety and Privacy

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