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Rethink My Therapy Review

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

In this review we are going to take a look at Rethink My Therapy who, along with Talkspace and Betterhelp, is one of the very best affordable therapy sites in the U.S today.

Rethink My Therapy are top rated online therapy who are now helping Americans struggling with a range of mental health conditions. They offer an excellent weekly subscription package which provides affordable access to quality therapy all from the comfort of the patient’s own home. 

This Rethink My Therapy review will look at the services they offer, the quality of their therapists and their general cost effectiveness. 

We will tell you everything there is to know about Rethink My Therapy and will help you to decide whether they might be the best online therapy provider for your needs.

April 2023 update – After their site being down from early August until mid October 2022, The Rethink My Therapy platform is not available once again. Attempts to contact the operator by clients and by our team have been unsuccessful. While the site is now back up, we still highly recommend considering one of our top alternatives instead.

Rethink My Therapy Rating Breakdown 2024

Overall Rating

Overall Rating - 3 Stars

Rethink My Therapy is proving to be one of the best value online therapy providers in America. They offer services in 50 states, work with a large number of certified professional therapists and treat a range of common mental health conditions. The only major downsides are that they do not offer text therapy sessions and their chat support function is limited.


Price - 5 Stars

Rethink My Therapy offers 3 basic subscription plans. The single plan is $99 per month, the couples plan is $129 per month, and the family plan is $159 per month. This is the cheapest subscription plans in the teletherapy space today. They also offer an introductory 7 days free trial.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options - 3 Stars

Rethink My Therapy can offer help with most common mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, grief and addictions. They also offer psychiatry and medication services for those who already have a prescription. That said, Unfortunately, Rethink My Therapy does not currently support text or chat therapy.

App and Software

App and Software - 3.5 Stars

The Rethink My Therapy website could use a bit of an update. It is not as sleek as some of their rivals' sites, does occasionally glitch and the FAQ section doesn’t seem to work as it should. However, the platform is simple to use and video sessions can be successfully conducted through the Rethink My Therapy app as well.

Customer Service

Customer Service - 2 Stars

From a survey of patients, 80% reported overall satisfaction with Rethink My Therapy. However, we have noticed that it can take some time (up to 7 days) to get initial therapy sessions booked which is not ideal for those wanting to start therapy as soon as possible.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy - 4.5 Stars

Rethink My Therapy takes great care to protect their clients personal data and they are also fully HIPAA compliant. All of their therapists are fully licensed and take patient well being very seriously. While patient privacy is protected, it's not possible to access services anonymously and clients must enter their personal data.

Should I use Rethink My Therapy?

Top 3 Rethink My Therapy Alternatives

BetterHelp - Best Overall

$ 60-90 Per Week
  • More than 33,000 Therapists
  • Our Top Rated Therapy Site
  • Great Platform & Easy To Use
  • Financial Aid Programs

Talkspace - Best With Insurance

$ 65-99 Per Week
  • 2nd Largest Therapy Provider
  • Combine Talk Therapy & Psychiatric Care
  • Best With Insurance
  • $80 Off First Month

Calmerry - Best Affordable Therapy

$ 42-68 Per Week
  • First Session in 24 Hours Or Less
  • Choose Your Own Therapist
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • 30% Off First Month

Is Rethink My Therapy Legit? The Company Behind

Rethink My Therapy was founded in New Jersey in 2018 by Connor Galic. Despite being a young platform, it is already positioning itself to rival major online therapy sites like Betterhelp and Talkspace by offering affordable, online therapy sessions nationwide as well as psychiatry and medication management services.

Rethink My Therapy is HIPAA compliant and all of its therapists and psychiatrists are fully licensed to practice in state. Their therapists are all qualified professionals (no ‘life coaches’) and are fully trained in most modern therapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Psychoanalysis and Mindfulness.

Rethink My Therapy in Numbers For 2024

Year Founded2018
U.S Based CompanyYes
Number of Licensed Therapists120
Accepts Insurance?No
HIPAA compliantYes
Therapy ModesVideo Call and Telephone Only
Available TreatmentsPrivate Therapy, Couples, Family and Psychiatric Care.
Average Price$99 Per Month
Sign Up TimeInstant
Response TimeMay Take Up To 7 Days to Get an Appointment
Mobile AppYes
Customer Reviews82% positive
Our Editorial Rating4 Stars
Current Promotion7 Days Free Trial

How Rethink My Therapy Therapy Works

New patients of Rethink My Therapy must initially complete the sign up process via the website or mobile app. The sign up process simply consists of selecting the desired subscription plan, and answering some basic questions about current mental wellbeing and goals for therapy. 

Unlike with most other online therapy platforms we review, this information is not used to “match” patients with a therapist and once a patient’s account is verified, they are free to browse all therapist profiles and choose a preferred one for themselves.

Whilse we appreciated the total freedom to choose their own therapist, some users commented that they would actually have welcomed some assistance in identifying a suitable one. Also, the reality is that popular therapists may sometimes be unavailable to new patients. Finally, patients can only actually work with a therapist who is licensed to practice in the state where they are resident. Keep in mind you can’t view therapist profiles before you choose a subscription plan and pay.

After choosing a therapist, a session is booked in and conducted via secure video call through the Rethink My Therapy app or web portal. Patients are entitled to one therapy session per week but can message their therapist or psychiatrist at any time via the messaging service. Most therapists on Rethink My Therapy will use common talking therapies techniques such as psychoanalysis, CBT or mindfulness; ultimately this depends on the therapist and on the needs of the patient.

If at any time a patient wishes to change therapist, then they can contact customer support through the platform and this can be arranged.

Finally, in what could be a very interesting advancement, Rethink My Therapy is also in the process of developing some interactive learning resources along with webinars and a community forum. These extras will only be available with the Family and Children subscription package and whilst there is no definite launch date as of January 2024, the site states that this is ‘coming soon’.

Rethink My Therapy Price

The Rethink My Therapy price structure is both refreshingly simple, and affordable. There are 3 plans available which break down as follows;

Single Therapy Plan

$ 99 Per Month
  • 24/7 Access to Virtual Primary Care
  • 1 Weekly Video Session
  • Choose Therapist / Psychiatrist

Couples Therapy Plan

$ 129 Per Month
  • 24/7 Access to Virtual Primary Care
  • 1 Weekly Video Session
  • 2 Seperate Accounts

Family Therapy Plan

$ 159 Per Month
  • 24/7 Access to Virtual Primary Care
  • 1 Weekly Video Session
  • Up to Four Individual Accounts

Psychiatry and medication management services are included in all packages whereas most other providers charge an additional premium for such services.

Rethink My Therapy Treatment Types

Rethink My Therapy work with a large number of therapists and psychiatrists. They are able to treat conditions including;

As well as being able to offer talking therapies for common mental health problems such as stress and anxiety, Rethink My Therapy is also able to offer psychiatry for more acute conditions such as bi polar disorder for example. Unlike most other teletherapy providers, they offer this all under the same, simple and affordable subscription plan.

Rethink My Therapy also stands out in the couples therapy and children therapy categories as it offers the option of scheduling joint therapy sessions or individual sessions for those who have signed up for the couples or family package.

What Our Readers Have To Say About Rethink My Therapy

Cheap and good, i like it!
I struggle with bi polar and depression. Rethink My Therapy allows me to access medication management along with first rate therapy.
It's pretty good, worth the price i would say. The only thing i don't is how long it takes to get a reply from support.
Darren P.

Rethink My Therapy Review - Frequently Asked Questions

How long do therapy sessions last?

Each weekly therapy session lasts between 30 - 60 minutes depending on availability as well as what the therapist feels is appropriate.

Is Rethink My Therapy safe and legit?

Absolutely yes. The company is HIPAA compliant and all therapists are fully qualified and licensed to practice in state.

How can I pay for Rethink My Therapy?

Patients must pay each month by bank, credit card or paypal. Rethink My Therapy does not accept insurance as they feel it ‘gets in the way’ of them providing therapy.

Can Rethink My Therapy prescribe controlled medication?

No. While Rethink My Therapy's psychiatrists can provide medication management services, they are not able to issue prescriptions for controlled medication. This is because existing laws do not allow the prescription of controlled substances remotely.

Rethink My Therapy vs. Betterhelp vs. Talkspace

Rethink My Therapy operates on a similar basis to Betterhelp and Talkspace – 2 of the best established online therapy providers in the world today. All 3 offer affordable subscription packages that entitle patients to weekly therapy sessions. 

That said, one advantage that Talkspace and Betterhelp offer is the 24/7 chat support function. Patients can log in to the app anytime of day or night and get instant text support from a  support worker (note that the chat function is rarely staffed by actually therapists though). While Rethink My Therapy does allow users to message their therapist anytime they want, they will have to wait for a reply.

Note that both Betterhelp and Talkspace are more established platforms than Rethink My Therapy and some patients may perhaps feel more comfortable using a trusted name. If you want more information on these 2 providers and how they compare to one another then read our Betterhelp Vs Talkspace review and comparison which goes into more detail.

In terms of price,  a Talkspace package ranges from $260 – $400 per month and Betterhelps packages range from $60 – $90 per week. Overall, Rethink My Therapy is probably the better value.

Rethink My Therapy Review - Final Thoughts

Overall, we feel that Rethink My Therapy is an excellent online therapy provider. They can offer talking therapies for a wide variety of common mental health problems as well as psychiatric support with some more acute disorders. Their subscription plan represents excellent value for money, and the therapists who they engage are all qualified professionals.

The closest rivals to Rethink My Therapy are Betterhelp and Talkspace – both of whom also provide excellent theoretical standards and both of whom operate on a subscription basis.

However, neither is as affordable as Rethink My Therapy and the therapists working with Betterhelp and Talkspace can be more of a ‘mixed bag’ in terms of qualifications and experience – some are psychologists but others are life coaches.

That said, Talkspace does offer an excellent 24/7 chat support function that is great for anybody who feels they may need a lot of help and support between sessions.

Whether or not you choose to begin your therapy journey with Rethink My Therapy or another provider is ultimately a decision only you can make but if you do choose them, rest assured you are in good hands.

For more information before you make up your mind, we recommend reading our Betterhelp review, Talkspace review and our guide on the best affordable therapy sites online.

Overall rating 72.3%

Updated November 1st, 2022
Overall Rating
Treatment Options
App and Software
Customer Service
Safety and Privacy

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