SonderMind Review

SonderMind is an online therapy site that helps you connect with licensed therapists and psychiatrists. They stand out from the crowd by allowing patients to choose between video sessions and in person meetings.

While SonderMind falls short of our list of the best online therapy sites, that doesn’t mean it isn’t the best choice for you. That said, we feel the largest downside is the fact they don’t offer text or chat therapy. Still, the platform has a lot of advantages to it, and many of our readers have had positive experiences over there and continue to use it until this very day.

With an overall positive record and customer reviews, SonderMind is still a legitimate choice for anyone who seeks treatment online. In this SonderMind review we’ll help you understand how it differs from other, larger therapy providers and is it a good place for you to get help at.

SonderMind Rating Breakdown 2022

Overall Rating

Overall Rating - 3 Stars

SonderMind is a relatively new company, only being established in 2017. It has shown significant progress and the product improves every year. Still, we feel they have a lot more work to do before we can even begin comparing them to industry leaders.


Price - 4 Stars

If you are able to use insurance, SonderMind’s pricing is extremely competitive. If you don’t, then paying as much as $150 per meeting is among the most expensive packages out there. The problem is, they only work with insurance companies across 9 states at the moment.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options - 3.5 Stars

As mentioned above, SonderMind doesn’t offer anything besides live sessions - either through video call or in person. While that in of itself isn’t a major issue, we also had some concerns over the quality of some of the therapists we were matched with.

App and Software

App and Software - 3 Stars

The website is well designed and easy to use. We had no problem setting up a video session with a therapist and it all went seamlessly. The mobile app, however, is extremely buggy and has an abysmal 2.1 stars rating on the app store.

Customer Service

Customer Service - 5 Stars

Customer care and support is one of SonderMind’s strongest assets. You are able to reach them at any time via phone, mail or chat, and their responses were always swift and very helpful.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy -4 Stars

The site is HIPAA compliant and fully regulated. SonderMind also follows strict data protection and encryption protocols. Similarly to other sites that work with insurance, SonderMind asks for more details and is thus less anonymous.

Should I use SonderMind?

Is SonderMind Legit? The Company Behind

SonderMind inc. is a private company founded in 2017 and operating out of offices in Denver, Colorado. The company currently has 389 employees – but that also includes most of its partner therapists. 

SonderMind raised $150 million in investing capital in July 2021, and that alone shows this is a serious operation with intentions of becoming a major player in the teletherapy field. We hope this funding will allow SonderMind to expand their services into more states, as well as give their mobile app a much needed upgrade.

SonderMind in Numbers For 2022

Year Founded2017
U.S Based CompanyYes
Number of Licensed Therapists200
Accepts Insurance?Yes
Hipaa compliantYes
Therapy ModesVideo or In-Person
Available TreatmentsPrivate Therapy
Average Price$75 – $150 Per Week
Sign Up TimeFew Minutes
Response Time24-48
Mobile AppYes
Customer Reviews82% Positive
Our Editorial Rating3 Stars
Current PromotionNone

How SonderMind Works

The signup process with Sonder Mind is very similar to most online therapy sites we review. You’ll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire – which includes both personal information and specific requests and expectations you have from your upcoming therapy sessions.

Answering these questions in detail and being as accurate and honest as you can is important, since it will increase the chances that their team will be able to find suitable matches for you. Most importantly, you’ll be asked whether you are interested in live or video therapy, or a mixture of both. Not all therapists who work with SonderMind do both, and in-person sessions are usually more expensive.

Once you are done, you’ll get an email with a link you need to click in order to set your password and activate the account. You’ll then need to fill in your credit card payment, and wait between 24 and 48 hours until SonderMind’s team sends you a list of possible matches. If you don’t like any of the options, you can ask for a re-match. If you do, choose the one you like, and you’ll be able to set up a meeting within a day or two. 

The reason they ask for your credit card information prior to you booking any appointment is they will automatically charge you for copays and missed sessions. If you wish to cancel a session, you can do so as long as you make the request 24 hours or more before the scheduled meeting, otherwise you’ll be charged for the full amount.

As of now, SonderMind only accepts patients who are based in the following states:

  • Arizona 
  • Colorado 
  • DC
  • Georgia
  • Maryland
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Virginia

SonderMind Pricing

SonderMind works differently than most other telehealth providers – there’s no subscription plan, packages or a fixed price per meeting. Instead, the cost of each session depends entirely on the therapist you choose.

The price for therapy through SonderMind is between $75 and $150 per session. The exact cost will depend on the therapist you choose, and whether you want to meet them in person or through video call.

While this allows for more flexibility which is always welcome, it also makes it harder to compare SonderMind’s cost with other, similar providers. For example, Amwell also offers strictly live sessions with no texts or chats between meetings, but do so at a fixed price of $109 per meeting.

Talkspace on the other hand, also works with insurance, but offers a package which includes chats and SMS therapy 5 days a week + a weekly live session, all for the price of $316 a month.

So as you can see from the quick comparison above, SonderMind’s pricing isn’t exuberant but also not as attractive as some of the larger teletherapy providers out there. Read our full list of online therapy reviews, for a quick comparison of how SonderMind compares to all other U.S therapy sites. If you are looking for cheap therapy solutions specifically, read our guide on affordable online therapy instead. 

SonderMind With Insurance

SonderMind is in-network with many insurance providers across all states they operate in. These include Medicaid, Medicare and EAP services, as well as other major large insurance networks. These include the following:

  • Aetna 

  • Anthem BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

  • Apostrophe 

  • Bright Health 

  • CareFirst

  • Cigna

  • Friday Health Plans

  • Kaiser 

  • Tri-West VA

  • United Healthcare (Optum, Oscar, and all affiliates)

  • VA Community Care Network

You can view the full list of insurance companies who offer copay with SonderMind on their website. As always, we recommend contacting your provider directly first to make sure you are indeed covered.

SonderMind Treatments

Even though SonderMind doesn’t have all that many available therapists on staff compared to other therapy platforms, they claim to be able to assist with a fairly large list of mental health issues such as:

  • Addiction
  • ADHD
  • Anger management
  • Autism spectrum support
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline personality 
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Family issues
  • Gender identity
  • Grief
  • Intimate / romantic relationships
  • LGBTQIA+ support
  • OCD
  • Parental support
  • Phobias
  • PTSD
  • Sleep disorders 
  • Stress

As you can see from the list above, SonderMind also employs licensed psychiatrists. You can get medical prescriptions through the platform and use them anywhere you like. For psychiatric care, we highly recommend you meet with the therapist in person, at least for the first few sessions in order to receive the best possible care.

Even though SonderMind does offer help with family or couples related issues, these are only available for individuals. You can meet with a therapist who specializes in those fields, but only do so on your own. In any case, if you are looking for help with those specific problems, we strongly suggest you read our online couples therapy or teen therapy online guides first before making your choice.

SonderMind Counselor Qualifications

Unlike most therapy sites, SonderMind provides absolutely no transparency when it comes to their screening and vetting process or the minimum requirements they expect their therapists to meet. To make matters even worse, you can not see the therapist’s credentials even when you click on their profile when they are offered to you as potential matches. 

This is of course completely unacceptable and goes against the most basic ethical expectation and commonplace industry standards. A patient should always be able to know the exact qualifications of the person assigned to treat them. 

The only way around this is to not immediately select a match from the initial list offered to you, but instead just highlight a few that stand out to you. Then, you can email or call SonderMind’s customer support team and demand to get more information about all of those potential matches, or at least the few you liked the most at first glance.

What Our Readers Have To Say About SonderMind

I liked it, still using it once in a while.
Dan Tang
Can't use the app, waste of time.
I wanted to see someone face to face first, before transitioning to online meetings. This did the trick for me!
Monica D.

SonderMind Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Is SonderMind the best online therapy site?

No, it is not. SonderMind shows good promise, and might very well be a good place for you even now - but with so many glaring issues they don’t even come close to competing with the best sites such as Betterhelp or Talkspace.

Is SonderMind legit and safe to use?

SonderMind is a legitimate company with a solid track record and access to significant capital. They are fully licensed and follow strict regulations and protocols.

What states does SonderMind operate in?

SonderMind currently only accepts patients from the following states: AZ, CO, DC, GA, MD, MO, NE, OH, TX and VA.

Does SonderMind accept insurance?

Yes, they do. For a full list, scroll up this SonderMind review page to the relevant section.

How can I pay SonderMind?

Payments are only through credit or debit card.

How long does it take before my first session?

It takes 24-48 hours to get a list of possible matches. Assuming you see someone you like, setting up the first meeting usually takes an extra day or two at most.

SonderMind Review - Final Thoughts

SonderMind is a relatively new company that already shows decent promise and enjoys overall positive reviews from past and existing customers. The site definitely has the potential to become a strong contender for the title of best online therapy site in the future, and we’ll keep a close eye on them and update this review with every new detail we can find.

However, as demonstrated multiple times throughout our SonderMind review, the platform still suffers from a large number of significant flaws. Only working in 9 states, not showing therapist’s qualifications and background and a poor mobile app are all things which simply cannot be overlooked.

So with all that in mind, we strongly feel that even though SonderMind can certainly do the trick for you, there are simply much better options out there. Other therapy sites we review are cheaper and better, offering better platforms and a wider selection of treatments and counselors to choose from.

If you are looking for a pay per meet therapy model, then Amwell is our top recommendation. You can read our Amwell review and see for yourself why we feel they are a much better choice than SonderMind. For subscription based plans, which include text and chat therapy and not just live sessions, read our Betterhelp review or our Talkspace review instead.

Overall rating 72.0%

Updated November 4th, 2021

Overall Rating
Treatment Options
App and Software
Customer Service
Safety and Privacy