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Talkiatry Online Psychiatry Review

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

I have been covering Talkiatry here since early 2022, back when it was just a new and intriguing New York based startup. For long, my review of their service was overall quite negative, mentioning that while they do show promise, they still have a lot to work on.

As of now, I finally feel Talkiatry has matured enough to a point where it’s a valuable and effective online psychiatry service. They have made significant changes to both their platform, and the core service they offer (with no more talk therapy).

I feel this newfound focus, along with the improvements made to the platform are all a good change. Combine it with the maturity of the company has a whole, and that is why my Talkiatry review is now much more positive overall.

Most notably, Talkiatry has now developed its reputation as being the best online therapy site for treating ADHD specifically.

Still, there are some issues with the service, and things you need to be aware of. In this review I’ll discuss all the pros, cons, costs and everything else you need to know. I’ll also be comparing Talkiatry to online therapy sites that offer similar services, helping you make the best, informed choice. 

Talkiatry Rating Breakdown 2024

Overall Rating

Overall Rating - 4 Stars

Talkiatry are excellent at what they do - the problem is their scope of services is somewhat limited. They have issues with their customer service, which is common for a growing company, but are evidently working hard to improve the product every day.


Price - 3.5 Stars

Because of the way they work, Talkiatry does not state what their costs are as this will vary depending on your location, psychiatrist of choice and insurance provider. Rather, prospective patients need to get in touch and an individual quote will be offered. Talkiatry told us that on average, clients pay $30 per session out of pocket.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options - 3.5 Stars

Talkiatry treats all psychiatric conditions and offers support for all mental health problems. While they are willing to offer therapy as well, it's limited based on availability. If you have your own psychologist, Talkiatry's psychiatrists will collaborate with them.

App and Software

App and Software - 4 Stars

The Talkiatry site is fast and smooth and is extremely well rated by users. Talkiatry uses the HIPAA approved Healow teletherapy app to conduct virtual/online appointments. However, there is no Talkiatry app and no chat support function. The emphasis on Talkiatry is on medication and a patient's appointment with their qualified psychiatrists.

Customer Service

Customer Service - 3 Stars

This is currently Talkiatry's weakest point, and hopefully now when they took care of the therapy side, this would next on their radar. Many users report customer support is very slow to respond. On top of that, if you want to change your psychiatrist - you'll need to call them by phone.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy - 4.5 Stars

In terms of privacy, Talkiatry is not an anonymous service and you will have to verify your identity. However, all patient data is SSL protected and is only shared with third parties in accordance with HIPAA requirements such as insurance companies who are funding the treatment.

Should I use Talkiatry?

Is Talkiatry Legit? The Company Behind

Out of all the online psychiatric and therapy providers I have come across, Talkiatry is arguably one of the most professional and qualified of them all. They always replied very quickly to my questions, and showed true care and honesty towards my concerns. 

For some of my negative feedback regarding price, they have even contacted me to offer their side. I have included it in the relevant section below.

In the few years they have been operating, Talkiatry showed great commitment to growing their business while still keeping their integrity. They are extremely transparent in what they offer and what they do not, and their team of psychiatrists is headed by some of the leading experts in the field.

Talkiatry are also fully HIPAA certified and have highly qualified psychiatrists and therapists. 

talkiatry list of states

Talkiatry in Numbers For 2024

Year Founded2020
U.S Based CompanyYes
Number of Licensed Therapists

400+ psychiatrists and 56 licensed therapists

Accepts Insurance?Yes
HIPAA Compliant?Yes
Therapy ModesVideo Call, Email Messaging 
Available TreatmentsPsychiatric treatment and medication management
Average Price Varies based on your insurance and treatment plan
Sign Up Time5 Minutes
Response TimeUsually a week or less, but some users reported up to 2 weeks
Mobile App They use Healow – no app of their own
Customer Reviews78% Positive
Our Editorial Rating4 Stars
Current PromotionNone

How Talkiatry Works

To begin using Talkiatry you have to complete the signup process via their online portal. Users enter their insurance details before completing a short questionnaire which is then used to offer them a preliminary diagnosis and match them up with 3 potential psychiatrists. If and once you like your potential match, you then complete your sign up and then schedule your first appointment. 

With Talkiatry, you will conduct your meeting with your psychiatrist or therapist remotely via the Healow app. This is a well recognized and safe app which is used by many medical providers nationwide. After your session, you may be issued a prescription and then booked for your next appointment. Unlike other psychiatric providers, You will need to actually go to the pharmacy and pick it up yourself. 

It’s also worth mentioning that you’ll have to download the Healow app for sessions, there is simply no other option allowed (no Google meet or Zoom). The app requires you to feel out a very short questionnaire before each session about your symptoms, so you’ll need to allow yourself a few minutes before the session actually starts. The Healow app is 100% free and can be downloaded through Google or Apple

Talkiatry is also one of very few platforms who offer online therapy to children and teens. They are also the only ones who set the age limit at 5 years old, while most platforms set at it 13 (with the exception of Amwell who accepts kids aged 10 or above).

Sessions for kids are longer. The introduction session lasts 75 minutes instead of an hour and a parent or legal guardian must be present. Later sessions are 45 minutes long and the child may attend them alone. 

Switching To a New Therapist

As mentioned above, this is one of the things I found the most annoying about Talkiatry. Unlike other therapy platforms, switching to a new provider can be quite an hassle. 

While I’m sure Talkiatry does their best to match you with the best person, and have full faith and the team leading the professional side of the operation, sometimes a therapist and patient just don’t click. In such cases, you’ll have to call them at 833-351-TALK (8255) to request a change, then call again to schedule and confirm your next appointment. The whole process usually takes around 10 business days.

What About Talk Therapy?

If you’d like to pursue talk therapy on top of your psychiatric treatment, your psychiatrist may also match you with one of Talkiatry’s therapists at that time. Whilst the main purpose of Talkiatry is to help patients with medication management, you are not obliged to accept it, and should not feel pressured to take anything you do not feel comfortable with.

Talkiatry has a very limited number of onboard psychologist who offer talk therapy, so availability might be a real issue. That said, from what I experienced, they are more than happy to either recommend an outside therapist to you, or work together with one of your choice. A lot of patients find the dualistic approach of medication + talking therapies to be optimal for their well being.

Here’s a list of the best online therapy sites that offer talk therapy, some of which also offer to combine it with psychiatric care and medical perception management.

How Much Does Talkiatry Cost?

Talkiatry do not publish any specific details about the costs of their services. Therefore I cannot say how much an initial consultation is, how much each subsequent appointment is or how much a prescription costs.

What I can advise is that Talkiatry is recognized by most major insurers (with the notable exception of Medicaid) and operates on a pay-per-meeting basis. If you want to use Medicaid, check our list of the best therapy sites with insurance instead, where some providers do accept those.

It is also worth noting that Talkiatry do not offer any kind of free trial like some providers do and therefore you need to pay up front to even get any indication of whether they may be right for you. 

When our team tried the service, the prices we got were not competitive. Even with insurance, there are simply much better, cost-effective solutions out there. Furthermore, we find the very idea of not giving even an estimate of the costs in advance unprofessional by Talkiatry and not inline with industry standards.

Talkiatry’s response: “Because we see patients who are using their insurance it is not possible to give an accurate estimate about the cost of your visit. Your insurance company would be able to do that. Overall, our data shows that patients pay $30 per session as copay. 

Cancellation Fee

You can cancel an appointment as long as you give at least a 48 hours notice, and would not be charged anything. Otherwise, Talkiatry charges clients a $100 cancellation fee, even if you reschedule that appointment to a later date.

Does Talkiatry Accept Insurance?

Talkiatry is in-network with most large health insurance providers such as:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Medicare
  • Oscar
  • United Healthcare
  • Optum
  • Compsych

You can see if you are covered by filling up the Talkiatry signup form, or visiting the insurance tab on their website. Several customers on Trustpilot complained they were overcharged and billing with insurance was unclear. Others have also complained about being billed despite their therapist being the one who cancelled the appointment. Again it’s worth mentioning Talkiatry doesn’t accept Medicaid, so if you need to use it, check our list of therapy sites who accept it.

In response, Talkiatry changed the way they handle billing, and you can now have access to all billing history on the platform itself. if you feel like you have been overcharged or have any other dispute, you can email and expect a response within a day or 2.

Talkiatry Treatment Types

Talkiatry currently boasts a very impressive roster of qualified psychiatrists. You get the chance to choose your therapist from a shortlist and initial sessions are usually arranged within 7 days.

The Talkiatry model focuses primarily on psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis and treatment. This includes medication & prescription management for a whole array of mental health conditions, including:

However, Talkiatry does not offer treatments to patients who:

  • Suffer from an eating disorder
  • Dealing with schizophrenia
  • Patients who need in-person treatment
  • Patients who are at risk of taking their own life or harming others
  • Patients with a recent (6 months) history of hospitalization for any mental health condition

Medical Prescriptions & Controlled Substances

After the introductory session, and depending on your diagnosis, your therapist will prescribe one or more of these medications:

  • Antidepressants
  • Anxiety medication
  • Beta-Blockers
  • Mood Stabilizers
  • Sleep Medication
  • Stimulants
Before the pandemic, the FDA didn’t allow perceptions of controlled substances through a virtual telehealth platform. A face to face consultation was first required, before you could then renew these online. 

For now, Talkiatry’s psychiatrists can prescribe any type of medication they see fit. These new regulations by the FDA will expire on December 31st, 2024.

Talkiatry Vs. Competitors

Brightside Health

$ 95 Per Month
  • Can Combine With Talk Therapy
  • Medicine delivered Within 5 Days
  • Subscription Based
  • $50 Off First Month


$ 100 - 150 Per Month
  • Price Can Change Based on Subscription
  • Combine Talk Therapy & Psychiatric Care
  • Works With The Most Insurance Providers
  • $80 Off First Month


$ 100 - 500 Per Session (Varies by Provider)
  • Accepts Medicaid
  • Pay Per Meet Basis
  • Easiest To Choose Your Therapist
  • No Available Promo

While each platform has its own pros and cons, especially when compared to Talkiatry, there’s two things they all have in common. Unlike Talkiatry, they all offer a guaranteed in-platform combination of talk therapy and psychiatric care. Secondly, none of these platforms require insurance – you are free to use their services even if you don’t have any. Talkiatry on the other hands, only works with patients through their insurance provider.  

Additionally, while all of these companies work with insurance, the providers differ. For example, Brightside is the only one who doesn’t accept Medicare. I chose to highlight Zocdoc because they are the best platform that accepts Medicaid, but another interesting option for some of you might be Sesame Care.

Sesame itself is merely a platform that connects patients with providers, so it doesn’t work with insurance companies like the others do. Instead, you’ll need to file a claim and the eligibility will be based on your provider and the state you reside in. Sesame Care’s main advantage though is that they can basically guarantee same day appointments. If an on-demand session with a psychiatrist or therapist is something you might find appealing, read my Sesame Care review.

Takiatry Review - Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Don’t Like My Psychiatrist?

Psychiatric treatment can only work when the connection between the patient and the psychiatrist is working. If you don’t feel like your psychiatrist is right for you, then Talkiatry will work with you to get you transferred to another psychiatrist. These will require your to call them, and the process may take up to 10 days.

Is There a Talkiatry Mobile App?

Talkiatry uses the Healow app which you can use to message your psychiatrist, manage your health records, and make or change appointments. Unlike most online mental health services, Talkiatry does not offer a 24/7 text support chat service.

How Much Do Talkiarty Charge?

Price varies based on your individual assessment and needs. Talkiatry is the only therapy provider online who doesn't give quotes or even an estimate of the price in advance. Unfortunately, you'll have to inquire and see for yourself. Talkiatry told us that based on their data, average price is $30 per session.

Do Talkiatry Accept Medicare or Medicaid?

You can get Talkiatry on Insurance from most providers. They accept, and are in-network, with over 60 health insurers including most major ones. However, while Talkiatry does accept Medicare, they do not accept Medicaid at this moment in time.

Talkiatry Review - Final Thoughts

With their large volume of highly qualified psychiatrists and therapists and ability to prescribe whatever medication they feel a patient needs, Talkiatry are in a rather unique position amongst online therapy and telemedicine companies.

However, the lack of transparency and clarity regarding how much their service costs is a huge downside. Some of the main benefits of online therapy are cost effectiveness and transparency and unfortunately Talkiatry is failing on these fronts.

Aside from that, There has been some valid concerns from patients regarding the quality of customer service offered by the platform. Talkiatry has ensured they are taking active steps to amend these – and the changing of the billing system is indeed a good first step. However, for now these concerns are still valid, but I’ll keep monitoring and updating this Talkiatry review if things continue to improve.

Talkiatry is widely recognized as the best online therapy provider for ADHD. They have highly trained psychiatrists in that field and very little limitations with regards to the medication they can prescribe. So if that’s the condition you are hoping to deal with, trying out Talkiatry should be an easy decision.

For other mental health issues, while we do feel Talkiatry is overall great, it’s not necessarily our top pick. There’s no harm in trying out it, since payment is per session and there’s no binding subscription plan. After all, finding the place and person you feel comfortable with is a very subjective matter in any case.

If you would prefer to get some more information before making your choice, I encourage you to also read my article about the best online psychiatry services, or the full list of therapy sites we review.  

Overall rating 84.4%

Updated May 1st, 2024
Overall Rating
Treatment Options
App and Software
Customer Service
Safety and Privacy

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