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MyTherapist Review

Medically Reviewed and Edited by 
Olga Kyrychenko, Psychologist

Editor’s Note: MyTherapist has recently been purchased by the Betterhelp group which is owned by Teladoc. The platforms are still separated, so this review still provides valuable company background into MyTherapist that can help you know what the site is all about. For a full, updated overview we recommend reading our Betterhelp review as well.

MyTherapist was only launched in late 2017 but started gaining popularity at a very rapid pace. Unlike many other new, smaller platforms (such as Calmerry for example), MyTherapist showed a very strong foundation right from the get-go. Good customer service, excellent software and the ability to choose your own therapist from more than 1000 licensed professionals, all cemented MyTherapist as one of the rising forces in the online therapy industry.

As such, it is no wonder that within such a short timespan the platform managed to reach more than 20,000 active subscribers. In our MyTherapist review we’ll try and explain what we think contributed to the site’s massive rise in popularity, as well as at which areas we feel they still need to improve upon. 

MyTherapist Rating Breakdown 2024

Overall Rating

Overall Rating - 4 Stars

MyTherapist is an exciting new platform that has a ton of potential. With the recent purchase by Betterhelp, we hope the small issues will be fixed by affiliating with a much bigger, more experienced company. For now, the only thing keeping us from giving it a perfect score is the fact that sometimes you will try and sign up only to be redirected to Betterhelp instead - due to counselor availability limitations.


Price - 4.5 Stars

Paying a flat, weekly fee of $65 is certainly competitive. However, it’s by no means the most affordable therapy site out there, especially considering the fact they do not accept any type of insurance.

Treatment Options

Treatment Options - 4 Stars

The quality of therapists over at MyTherapist is very high, and the vetting process is professional. Therapists specialize in many different fields so finding someone to assist with your specific problem should not be a problem. That said, if we wanted therapy over at Betterhelp, we would have gone there to begin with - so we really don’t like the fact that sometimes they try to redirect you to their parent site.

App and Software

App and Software - 4 Stars

The software used, and the desktop version in particular, are very good. The site is modern and easy to use. The mobile version is fine as well, but the design isn’t perfectly adapted. The mobile app suffers from a few small bugs as well.

Customer Service

Customer Service - 4 Stars

MyTherapist has excellent customer service and you can expect to get a response within a few hours at most. While there’s no way to reach them by phone, which is a bit disappointing, the live chat function works very well and we were always able to get immediate assistance that way.

Safety and Privacy

Safety and Privacy - 5 Stars

MyTherapist was always safe to use, being licensed in the U.S, HIPAA compliant and following strict data protection protocols. With the recent purchase by Betterhelp, this is even more so the case - they now have a big industry leader backing them up, which is known for its extreme regard to client safety and privacy.

Should I use MyTherapist?

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Is MyTherapist Legit? The Company behind

The site was launched in 2017 and recently purchased by Betterhelp which is owned by Teladoc – one of the largest telehealth companies in the world. MyTherapy enjoyed a great reputation even before the acquisition, but that reputation is now very much improved, as Betterhelp is renowned for their stellar performance and high standards in the virtual therapy industry.

MyTherapist in Numbers For 2024

Year Founded2017
U.S Based CompanyYes
Number of Licensed Therapists1,000
Accepts Insurance?No
Hipaa compliantYes
Therapy ModesText, Audio and Video
Available TreatmentsPrivate and Couples Therapy
Average Price$65 Per Week
Sign Up TimeLess Than a Minute
Response TimeImmediate
Mobile AppYes
Customer Reviews93% positive
Our Editorial Rating4.5 Stars
Current PromotionNone

How MyTherapist Works

The biggest contributing factor to MyTherapist’s instant success is how simple and easy to use the site is. Signing up and getting help only takes a few minutes, and then using the platform on a daily basis is also very easy and user friendly.

Another excellent feature is the fact you can remain completely anonymous and your therapist will not get any of your personal details unless you choose so. When you sign up to the site, you only have to choose a nickname and provide your email address. Of course, you’ll need to provide a few additional details for payments, but those are 100% encrypted and the site’s staff can’t access them.

As part of the signup process, you’ll be asked to fill out a short survey regarding your current mental health situation and the reasons that have led you to joining the site. This survey is short and pretty much boilerplate, but you should still answer it seriously since your answers determine which therapists are then presented to you as potential matches.

Once you fill in all the necessary information, all you have to do is click the ‘Start Therapy’ button. You’ll be taken to a page showing several counselor profiles you can look at, and see if any of them seem like a good match. If none of them do, you’ll have to contact customer support and ask for a larger selection. 

When we selected our preferred therapist, the site asked us to write a few sentences of free text explaining what we are hoping to get out of the treatment. This isn’t a must, but you should use this opportunity to introduce yourself to your new therapist and make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to the goals and expectations of your upcoming treatment sessions.

Assuming all goes well and both you and your counselor are eager to start, a private chat room will be created where you can communicate with each other freely. Same as with most therapy sites we review, you’ll be able to get support from your counselor on a daily basis through text and chat messaging, as well as a dedicated weekly live session.

MyTherapist Price

MyTherapist started out as a pay per meet service (similar to Amwell) but pretty quickly transitioned into the current subscription module instead. As mentioned, what they offer as part of their plan (daily messaging + 1 weekly live session) is very standard in the industry and at $65 the price is also fairly competitive.

The platform or the therapists offering their services on it doesn’t accept any form of insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid. If you think you might be eligible for coverage, you’ll need to contact your insurance provider yourself and take care of everything on your own. That said, MyTherapist does offer a financial aid program – you fill in a short questionnaire to determine if you are eligible for a 40% discount.

MyTherapist Available Treatments

MyTherapist has stricter requirements from their therapists when compared to most companies in the industry. All counselors are expected to hold at least a Masters degree in a relevant mental health field, as well as at least 2 years and 3,000 hours of hands-on experience. A certificate from their state’s board and proof of no bad past record are also demanded.

The site has more than 1,000 therapists available to help you at any given time. That said, due to its popularity, sometimes that’s just not enough – and you may be redirected to the parent site because there are currently no available therapists to assist you. If you do manage to sign up to MyTherapist, you should have no problem finding a suitable counselor and set up a meeting in a matter of days. 

MyTherapist counselors specialize in the following fields:

What Our Readers Have To Say About MyTherapist

I've been using it since 2018, hope it won't change too much now that Betterhelp bought it!
Good site for therapy, i recommend it to everyone.
Thank you for your review but it seems pretty useless? Everytime i try to sign up i get sent over to Betterhelp.... What's up with that???
Jenny Moore

MyTherapist Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the best online therapy site?

MyTherapist is certainly an excellent choice for anyone seeking mental health therapy online. That said, as detailed in this review, there are some issues with the site which we feel still hold it back from becoming a real contender for the title of best online therapy site.

Is MyTherapist legit and safe to use?

Yes it is. The company is based in the U.S and follows all rules and regulations for operating a telehealth platform. MyTherapist uses 256-bit SSL encryption and allows users to remain 100% anonymous - so your privacy is also very well protected.

Does MyTherapist work with insurance?

Mytherapist currently does not work with any insurance provider.

How can I pay MyTherapist?

You can pay with credit or debit card and Paypal..

How long does it take to match with a therapist?

Once you choose your preferred counselor, it usually takes a day for them to confirm your request and then therapy can start immediately.

MyTherapist Review - Final Verdict is an exciting new platform that not only has a ton of potential, but is already an excellent provider of mental health services. The site is very new and clearly has some areas they need to improve upon, but their track record with changing the payment scheme shows they are quick to adapt and address their client’s concerns.

This MyTherapist review was written just before it was announced Betterhelp purchased the site. We decided to keep the review as is for the meantime, since MyTherapist currently continues to operate as a separate entity for the most part. 

Betterhelp is known to be one of the best online therapy sites in the world – so we hope they can use their experience and great track record to improve upon Mytherapist’s fantastic start, while keeping the site’s unique identity and not simply turning it into a Betterhelp landing page.

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Overall rating 85.4%

Updated November 2nd, 2022
Overall Rating
Treatment Options
App and Software
Customer Service
Safety and Privacy

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